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Our Philosophy

At the Golden Game Guild, we strive to offer an environment where children are free to exercise their imagination and have fun! Our curriculum is designed to encourage social, emotional, and intellectual growth through the use of board games.

Chess Game

Games can help you learn!

Board games have been shown to improve teamwork and sportsmanship, enhance coping abilities, increase focus, improve reading ability, and develop critical thinking skills such as planning, organizing and decision making.

Developmental Themes

No Screens!

Our curriculum is strictly screen free. The Golden Game Guild is a place kids can unplug and still have fun!



Learning to work as a team is critical when playing Dungeons and Dragons or playing cooperative games such as Forbidden Island or Pandemic. Games are also fantastic tools when helping kids learn to win and lose respectfully.


Many games, especially when playing for the first time, can take a lot of brain power to learn. Learning new games or focusing on what is happening in-game can help improve focus and mental stamina.

Reading & Writing

Games included in our curriculum can help improve reading and writing skills. Word games such as Scrabble can help increase vocabulary and spelling ability, while games such as Betrayal At House On The Hill can help improve reading comprehension and language flexibility.

Critical Thinking

Abstract strategy games such as Chess and Go have been known for years to help exercise critical thinking skills. These games require spacial awareness and an understanding of cause and effect to play effectively. They are extraordinary at teaching players to assess risk and employ various strategies in a variety of circumstances.

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