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Image by Philipp Lehmann

3D Miniature Printing

Design your own character, we will print it!


4k Resin Miniature: $20


We have a printer in-store, we can print any miniature file provided to us within 2-5 business days.

How does it work?

Step 1: Design your mini! (skip this step if you already have a miniature file)

- You can design your miniature from one of the following sites:

- Each of the above websites allow you to create accounts and share your creations!

- After you have designed your miniature, create a share link for you creation!

- *For Hero Forge this is under the "Hero*" Tab, click "Share", from here you can copy the share link to your clipboard.

- *For Eldritch Foundry this is under the character name input, click the icon that matches this symbol "    " , from here select "Copy link" to save the link to your clipboard.

Step 2: Send us your design! (and/or file)

No need to purchase your design, files are included in the cost of the miniature, just send us the design link (s) and we will take it from there!

You may use the email form below:


*If you already have file(s), send an email to with the attached file(s)

Step 3: We will follow up with you, and get to printing your miniature!

Step 4: Come pick your mini up!

- Once your miniature is complete, we will contact you to come pick it up!

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